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Transforming the Future of Hearing Health through Increased Access, Awareness and Innovation



Agenda in progress - New date to be announced


In the landscape of global health challenges, hearing loss stands as the most prevalent sensory deficit and the second-largest contributor to the global burden of disease. 1 in 6 Australians suffer from some degree of hearing loss. By 2050 this is forecast to grow to 1 in 4 Australians. Recognising the urgency of this issue, the Australian Government has allocated close to $7.5 million for research aimed at improving ear and hearing health. Despite being a mainstream health issue, Hearing Health is not ranked as a national health priority and subsequently, this causes a generally low level of public awareness about hearing health.


Since the last mention of a National Roadmap for Hearing Health in 2019, there is no evidence of any major strategy or impact prioritising Hearing Health for all Australians. Where do we stand in this roadmap? Are we hitting targets? How far down the road are we?


Attend this sumit to learn

  • Where are we now: Exploring the progress and impact of Australia’s 2019 Roadmap for Hearing Health.

  • Exploring current challenges and strategies to improve equity of access to hearing health services.

  • Implementing key strategies to continued hearing health awareness to optimise hearing health patient pathways.

  • Navigating hearing health workforce issues for planning and delivery in rural and remote areas of Australia.

  • Exploring the impact of innovative technology and latest advancements in the field of audiology to promote early intervention and facilitate improved treatment.

  • Examining how policy implications, government initiatives and funding allocation are addressing hearing health disparities and promoting public awareness.  

Who will attend:

  • Audiologists

  • Independent Audiologists

  • ENT Specialists

  • Hearing Healthcare Professionals

  • General Practitioners

  • Academics

  • Policy Makers

Venue & Time


8.30am - 4.30pm

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